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still from Two Minutes with TGD: Are You Creatively Satisfied?

Two Minutes with TGD


Two Minutes with TGD is a series of brief interviews that expands on themes already explored by The Great Discontent: creativity, risk, and what connects us. The series is a TGD special project, introducing video content in addition to our regularly published written interviews.

Filmed October 10-12, 2012, during Brooklyn Beta at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, NY.

Note: We’re taking a break from our regular publishing schedule to introduce a TGD special project and will return with a new interview next week.

Introducing Two Minutes with TGD

Over the course of October 10–12, 2012, we set up a small filming station to record brief, two-minute interviews with conference attendees at Brooklyn Beta. The conference, held at The Invisible Dog in Brooklyn, New York, had several hundred people from a variety of disciplines in attendance. At the conclusion of the 3-day event, we had interviewed 138 people and recorded over 6 hours of footage! Each person was asked the same three questions, and this best-of video highlights responses to our initial question: Are you creatively satisfied? The remaining two questions delve even deeper, resulting in vulnerable and profound moments that will inspire, challenge, and move viewers to reflect on their own work and lives.

This is the first film in a three-part series. Over the coming months, the remaining two films will be edited and scored in preparation for a very special screening of Two Minutes with TGD, which will be followed by a public release.

In order of appearance

Tina Roth Eisenberg, Josh Brewer, Larissa Meek, Mandy Blankenship, Lionel Fernandez Roca, Joshua Blankenship, Aaron Draplin, Yoko Sakao Ohama, Larry Legend, Brett Mascavage, Jen Mussari, Ron Lewis, Mandy Brown, Krystyn Heide, Cassie McDaniel, Chris Glass, Aaron Robbs, Cemre Güngör, Joe Leech, Greg Leppert, Jessi Arrington, Audrey Tan, Elizabeth Ramos, Libby Nicholaou, and Greg Storey.

Special Thanks

Thank you to the Brooklyn Beta crew, including the fine folks at Fictive Kin and Workshop, and Lucien Zayan, director of The Invisible Dog Art Center.

Cameron Russell Jeffrey Veen